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Our Services - Stump Grinding/Removal

Stump grinding in Crawley:

Once a tree has been removed and all that is left is the stump, you have several options. You can leave the stump as it is or we can remove it if it is unsightly or in the way. We offer the following services to remove any unwanted stumps:

Stump grinding

This procedure involves the use of a stump grinding machine to grind the stump out completely. Any size stump can be ground out using this process. The hole can then be backfilled with the grindings or soil, leaving the ground suitable for re-planting.

Stump poisoning

Some species of tree grow back from the stump and can become a nuisance. Trees such as Sycamore and Ash can be particularly troublesome as they self-seed quite readily in inconvenient places then grow back as soon as they are cut down. Poisoning a stump is an affordable method of stopping it from growing back without having to perform stump grinding. The stump will then die and decay naturally

We can advise you on which is the most suitable method of stump removal for your needs.

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