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- There may be hazardous defects which affect the integrity of a tree’s structure.

- The tree is dead or dying.

- The tree is in a position that it might fall causing a hazard or risk.

- The tree is diseased and is decaying.

- The tree is in a position that is causing/may cause damage to property.

Detailed below are the two methods of taking down a tree that needs to be removed.

Our Services - Felling / Dismantling

Trees are an important asset to our environment and they are necessary for many reasons, but sometimes trees can become dangerous or may be growing in a problematic place which means that tree felling may be required. We can remove any unwanted trees down to the ground large or small.

Lowering a tree to the ground in 1, using cuts at the bottom of the trunk to direct the route of fall.

Felling a tree in 1 is only done if there is enough space and the conditions are right (such as the direction the tree is leaning, and to what degree, where the bulk of the weight is in the canopy).

Reasons a tree might need to be removed:

Tree Felling in Reigate

Tree Dismantling / Sectional Felling in Reigate

Dismantling a tree in sections, we carefully remove each limb using professional branch removal techniques. This operation requires climbing a tree and often the use of specialist rigging equipment and lowering ropes.

Dismantling a tree is usually done when a tree is in a confined area close to buildings, sheds, greenhouses etc and a straight fell cannot be achieved.

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